Just in time for Valentine’s Day: Library Fun

Imagine my delight, when walking into the local library, when I saw these gorgeous grab bags!


How perfect is that for Valentine’s Day?

Being a huge lover of romance AND of surprises, I just had to get one. The books inside were mostly Harlequin (suspense — not my favourite when it comes to Harlequin books), but some looked liked promising titles. Personally, I think all libraries should have fun with books like this. (I might have another fun “surprise” book post next week from the library, too. You’ll have to stay tuned for that!)

As much as I love the library, I love it even more when they go that extra step to really engage their patrons, to make going to the library fun. Sometimes I go in knowing exactly what I’m looking for — in this case, I was looking for a certain book — but nothing grabs my attention more than fun surprises.

How does your local library go the extra mile? How do they make library going fun for patrons?