E-reading & DNFing: Fifty Shades Darker by E. L. James

fifty shades darkerRemember my post last week where I was all, “This book wasn’t great but I’m TOTALLY going to finish the story!”?

Yeah. Not going to happen.

Now, I did go into this book with an open mind. I knew that the writing was terrible (since it was evident in the first book) but I figured that the characters would start to develop and grow and that maybe, just maybe, it would be a worthwhile — if not still terrible — read in the end.

I was wrong.

I DNFed this book at about 50% after I was telling my husband what an idiot Ana was as we drove out to visit some relatives. I relayed to him her and Christian’s “relationship” and all the idiotic things they both do and was just getting angrier and angrier to the point where he said:

“So … why don’t you stop reading it?”

What? What? Revelation!

I mean, I’ve DNFed LOTS of books but for some reason I kept thinking I should persevere and just finish this damn series no matter how much it sucks. Instead, I decided then and there that I was going to stop reading it and move onto something good. Heck, if the book wasn’t on my ereader, I probably would’ve made a trip out to the in-laws to drop it down their well.

And no, I’m not exaggerating. That’s where the book belonged.

There is just no character growth. Ana had a little bit of spunk in the first book but by now it’s just annoying. There were times where I was scolding her, wondering if she’d ever get a backbone and speak up for herself — and she would … just at the wrong times.

Oh, someone’s trying to kill me? Now I really should assert my independence and NOT opt for some security.

Meanwhile, there’s the whole bedroom antics.

*rolls eyes*

Now, I’ve read sexy books. LOTS of them. This is not one of them. Every single bedroom scene was the same. Most of the time it started with Ana’s inner goddess (who was pretty much only rooting for her sex life and nothing else) cheering her on or doing something Olympic-worthy. The exact same thing happened in the next sex scene that was in the last, which was just yawn-worthy to someone looking for something steamy. And they have sex ALL the time. I found myself just skimming through it because it was THAT boring.

Of course then we have the whole BDSM bit. Christian gives Ana space because she doesn’t want to participate, but then she just keeps pushing him because apparently she actually does want to be spanked and wants to participate, but then when Christian actually makes like he’ll do it, she panics again.

So annoying.

THEN we have all of Ana’s inner dialogue which is the most annoying thing of all. I think what bugged me most was that Ana questioned EVERYTHING. I read a review that actually had the word count of half the stuff that goes on in Ana’s head and I laughed — I debated doing the exact same thing because everything was either ‘Holy Cow/Holy Moses/ Holy Shit’ or ‘Oh my …’ or ‘Jeez.’ And don’t even get me started on the fact that she calls Christian ‘Fifty.’ Apparently because she thought that he was ‘fifty shades of fucked up.’ But a loving nickname? Probably not. And she calls him that ALL THE TIME.

Anyway, along with Ana’s stupidity we have Christian constantly telling her not to leave him and basically being super controlling and dominant (and not in the good way). Ana gets upset with this, but apparently lets her loins do all the thinking for her.


So after only 50% and a lot of eye rolling from me, I decided enough was enough. No one was changing; in fact everyone was getting WORSE. I read a few review/recaps about what happened in this book and the next and I can honestly say I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I think I’ll go read something good now.


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