To My Library: I’m Breaking Up With You

Around my house there are many libraries. I don’t live right in any city, so the cities surrounding me are chalk full of bookish awesomeness. Sometimes I feel a bit like Goldilocks, looking for the library that is just right for me.

For example, the library closest to me is too small. They can get books in alright, but I love the joy that comes with browsing and if the books I like to read are just never on your shelves, then sorry, we can’t do business.

The next library is pretty awesome, but it almost has a cold feeling to it. You know how your bed feels so much better than a hospital bed? How in the hospital everything seems so cold, perfectly manicured, and not homey at all? That’s this library. I love it, but it’s missing that sense of home when I walk in. It’s big — very big — but super spacious and they still don’t have all the books I’m looking for.

There are other libraries, depending on which road I take — the “big city” has tons of them. Of course, that means going to the “big city” and I rarely ever do.

Then there’s the library I always fall in love with whenever I go there. The library that offers programs for readers and non-readers alike. The library that has books overflowing from the shelves, along with plenty of displays and shelves to show you what patrons are loving, what the staff is loving, as well as little surprises for you to find along the way (like my mystery romance package last week). You never feel like you’re wandering through with eyes following you, but you feel like you could actually get lost in the books and curl up with a coffee (they have a coffee shop!) in one of the cozy chairs and read for hours. You want to take your family and your kids there because they have lots of events — author events, family events, city events — and because they have areas that everyone can enjoy.

I’ll admit it. One big thing that sold me with this library was the coffee shop. I love the idea of being able to buy a latte, then browse the stacks.

Of course, this isn’t a city I frequent too often, either, but the city itself has a ton of places for us to go once we’re there. Need to stop at Costco? Why not stop in at the library after! Going for a playdate at the city play area (which is free!)? Stop at the library after! Going for a family swim? Stop at the library before — since no one likes wandering around in wet hair.

So while I do love my more local library, I love that I’ve decided to venture out to a different one. It’s a bit more anonymous (especially since I’ve frequented my local one a LOT) and I like that.

Now, when are we going to the library this week? I have a craving for a latte and some good books.


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